5 Quick Steps to Wealth Checklist

These 5 quick questions are a great start to reviewing your finances.

1. Your superannuation or retirement savings will help you enjoy your requirement. Do you have a strategy in place to achieve your goals for retirement? Yes/No

2. The lending market is very competitive and looking across different providers can save you thousands of dollars each year. Have you compared your loan products to other providers in the last 3 years to see where you can save money on your loan contracts? Yes/No

3. Transactional offset accounts can save thousands of dollars over the term of a loan. Do you have an offset account saving you money on your home loan? Yes/No

4. Unfortunately one in three people will be impacted by a serious illness in their lifetime. So that you can sleep well at night, have you protected your family’s wealth? Yes/No

5. With the right strategy and support, Self-Managed Superannuation is a great way to prepare for your retirement. Are you happy with the support you get from your superannuation providers? Yes/No

Congratulations if you answered yes to each of these quick questions. We hope that you have more peace of mind about your finances!

If you answered no to any of these question we may be able to improve your financial position.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free discussion about your wealth position.

Happiness is not something readymade.  It comes from your own actions.
–Dalai Lama

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