Car Loan Interest Rates and Stuff You Need to Know

So, you’ve decided that now is the best time for a new car. However, as you are preparing for your car financing, you’ve encountered the term “car loan interest rates” and got dumbfounded with it. What is a car loan interest rate and how does it affect your car loan?

Interest rates for car loans and home loans may be confusing for borrowers. In most cases, lenders do not publish their interest rates. The reason for this is that each loan and its respective interest rate is dependent to the particular situation of the borrower and the lender that they are applying for.

Thus, an interest rate, may it be for a car loan or another, cannot  be suitable for all borrowers. Several factors are considered in determining the appropriate car loan interest rate for a borrower:

  • the lender
  • the amount to be borrowed
  • type of financial facility to be applied for
  • the type of vehicle being purchased
  • the age of the vehicle to be purchased
  • the borrower’s financial status

It is also necessary to note that securing a great deal on a loan does not necessarily mean that you are getting a lower interest rate. It is also important to pay attention to the following as they are components for getting the best car finance and they affect the final amount that you will be paying on the loan:

  • the loan term
  • the type of loan product/facility
  • the repayment frequency of the car loan
  • the loan structure
  • payout penalties
  • additional fees and charges

Nonetheless, you can determine the interest rate that you are going to get by applying for a car loan. You can also make an educated and conservative guess based on below considerations:

  • the age and type of the vehicle you are looking at for the loan
  • your credit history
  • whether you are purchasing privately or through a dealer
  • whether you rent or own your own home
  • the amount that you need to borrow
  • the length of term in which you will pay off the loan

You can also play with a car finance calculator and get realistic projections of your car loan interest rate. It is also possible to get lower rates if you are looking at a late model vehicle, have a good credit history, and own your own home.

Still, it is better to seek advice from professional expert brokers who will be able to help you assess which lender and loan product are best fit for you. It does not only save you time, but also provides you the best chance to secure a great deal.

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