COVID-19 Support

Its a really challenging time at the moment for all but no doubt we will all come out stronger at the other end.
For some of us this means working from home – while keeping their kids from going crazy! Social distancing is an important part of us staying on top of this virus.

You might be wondering how you can reduce your outgoings or expenses. We can help you review your loans now to get on the front foot of the lowest interest rates ever in Australia.

As an example – a major has a 3 year owner occupier Principal & Interest fixed rate home loan decreasing by 0.69% p.a. to 2.29% p.a. (comparison rate** 3.45% p.a.) to help people through COVID19

Don’t hesitate to call or email to get us looking at it for…its business as usual for us (with a few tweaks). We can organise webinars or phone calls to discuss options for you remotely.

From a lending perspective the banks have been very proactive if providing packages to support people impacted by the virus.

If you are concerned about your loan and what options that you have please don’t hesitate to call me directly or email for us to send you your banks information.

Stay healthy everyone!